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No Reported Norovirus in Union School District

Santa Clara County Public Health Department (SCC PHD) contacted our school nurses about the recent increase in norovirus and other gastrointestinal outbreaks throughout the state. The SCC PHD has received reports of GI outbreaks in over a dozen schools in our county.  Our nurses will be monitoring our schools for increases in 
student absences due to vomiting and diarrhea. They will then let the health department know and they will provide us with guidance and recommendations to stop the spread of the illness.
There are NO reported cases in our district
SCC PHD says the  MOST IMPORTANT thing  is  frequent hand washing with soap and water for 20 seconds as a preventative measure. 
Parents, staff, and volunteers should not come to school if they or their children are not feeling well or experiencing any GI symptoms. Additionally, any student with GI symptoms should stay home until at least 48 hours after they are well. Norovirus can continue to shed in the stool for days after the individual has recovered, so staying home for 48 hours and continued hand washing beyond that period is critical to prevent further spread.