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CAASPP Testing

California Statewide Assessments (CAASPP)

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Updated March 2018

Each spring, students in Union School District participate in the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP). The tests (also known as the Smarter Balanced/SBAC tests) were created specifically to gauge each student’s performance in English language arts/literacy (ELA), mathematics, and science. These tests measure the skills called for by the academic standards, including the ability to write clearly, think critically, and solve problems.  Given online, the tests are computer-adaptive, allowing more precise measurement of individual skills. 


The California Science Test (CAST) Field Test for grades five and eight only: California’s new state standards for science call for students to think and work like scientists and engineers—asking questions and learning through hands-on investigation and discovery.  This year your child will participate in the tryout of test items for this future assessment. While this tryout will not provide scores for you child, it is an important first step in developing an assessment that will fairly and accurately measure how students are achieving on the new science standards. For additional information about the new science tests and sample questions, please visit the CDE’s CAASPP Science Assessment Web page at http://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/tg/ca/caasppscience.asp

Our District testing window will be April 23 through May 30.  Within this window, each school will create a specific testing schedule and will notify the parents and community of their specific testing schedule. Testing generally runs for two weeks, with make-up testing taking additional time beyond the two week testing period.

Student interface Practice and training tests
Practice and Training Tests can be found on the CDE’s Smarter Balanced Practice and Training Tests web page. The Practice Tests provide students with grade-specific testing experiences that are similar in structure and format to the Summative Assessments. The Training Tests provide students with the opportunity to quickly become familiar with the software and interface features. The Training Tests are organized by grade-bands (e.g., 3–5).  To access the practice tests, click on the GREEN button (Student Interface Practice and Training Tests); sign on as a “guest”; select a grade level; select the practice test.
Because CAASPP tests are given statewide, they provide an opportunity to measure the skills of all students against the same academic standards. Parents will be able to compare results across multiple years to determine their child’s progress in meeting the standards. (Note: Only one year of data will be reported for students in grades three). The CAASPP assessments will be one measure that will be used—along with other information—to measure the progress that our schools and district are making in educating all students.
Pursuant to California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 852, each year school districts are required to notify parents or guardians of their pupil’s participation in the CAASPP tests. In addition, districts are required to inform families of their right to exempt their student from taking the CAASPP tests. If you have questions regarding your student’s participation or would like to request an exemption, please contact your student’s school principal.