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Professional Development

The District sponsors three days of professional staff development during the course of the school year.

The professional development days take place at the various school sites, where site leaders and teacher leaders work with staff members to analyze student data, make curricular adjustments based upon student need, and learn and incorporate new and innovative strategies to support student achievement.

Collaboration Periods

Teachers also work with one another during collaboration periods during the school week. This collaborative work is very instrumental in maintaining consistency of curriculum design and sharing best practices with one another. Elementary and middle school teachers have been using the collaboration period for some time.

Ongoing Professional Development

Ongoing professional development is a very high priority. It is a priority for our new teachers; most of who participate in an intensive two year induction program with is called BTSA (Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment). Professional development is also a high priority for all other teachers who participate in three mandatory staff development days each year (funded mostly by the state) and have the opportunity to be compensated for additional days. In addition our teachers and other staff are encouraged and take advantage of extensive training opportunities at school site and on their own.


Whether you are a participating teacher, principal, or support provider, Union School District’s BTSA Team pledges to offer the highest quality training and support for first and second year teachers to expand and deepen their teaching knowledge and skills.

High quality professional development for new and experience teachers, support providers and site administrators has never been more important than at this time. Learning with other educators can offer the answers we are looking for. A variety of training options can offer the perfect solution for the quandary of “How can we teach every student given the wide range of needs?” “How do we teach all that is required?” “How can I manage all that I have to do?”

Whether you are an experienced educator with years of experience in search of renewal or a newer teacher in search of support, we invite you to peruse the BTSA information for a variety of purposes. You will find calendars of activities and training, forms, and tips for success – everything you need to know about BTSA teacher support and training.

Happy teaching – - and learning!