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Elementary Report Card FAQ

How does a standards-based report card inform parents?

A standards-based report card enables parents to receive accurate information based on cumulative student progress towards meeting grade level standards. In addition, the report card: 1. Promotes more detailed and meaningful conversations at parent/teacher conferences, 2. Allows for careful and precise monitoring of student achievement, 3. Reflects grade-level standards and expectations so parents gain a complete idea of the student’s progress.

Why aren’t all standards listed on the report card?

A performance-based report card is not the same as a list of standards. The report card was developed by a group of teachers and administrators who reviewed the California Common Core State Standards to determine report card descriptors that best summarize the learning at each grade level.

Why are there no letter grades?

Several years ago, Union School District switched to a performance-based approach to better describe a student’s achievement as they progress towards meeting grade level standards. Standards-based grades allow the focus to be on the growth taking place within the learning.

What kind of reporting should I expect to see?

Because students progress at various levels, each students’ report card will look different. At the beginning of the year, it is more likely a student will receive an Emerging (1) or Approaching (2) as the student may have not yet grasped full understanding of the entire standard. Throughout the school year, the child should be progressing towards a Meets (3). For students who are able to show knowledge of the standards through multiple applications, they may receive an Advanced (4). If your student’s numbers do not indicate growth, this should be clearly indicated in the comments section along with current interventions. If your child receives an NA, this means the content has not yet been introduced or assessed. If your child receives an Embedded (E), the child has been exposed to that standard and it has been integrated into other topic areas.

Who should I contact for more information?

Please contact your child’s teacher as they will have the best information on your child’s progress.

For information about the report card descriptors or standards, please contact the Learning and Innovation Department at (408) 377-8010 x 44221