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Reclassified Fluent English Proficient (RFEP)

Students remain classified as an English Learner (EL) until they achieve proficiency in English on a variety of criteria. Students who are classified as EL are retested annually. 

Reclassification Requirements

When an English Learner demonstrates English language proficiency comparable to grade-level English-speaking peers and can participate equally with them in the school’s regular instructional program, the EL student is eligible to be reviewed for reclassification by Educational Services.
  1. The students must have had an overall score of Early Advanced or Advanced on the CELDT and scores must be Intermediate or above for each of the sub-skill areas of listening, speaking, reading*, and writing*. *Required for Grades 2-8 only
  2. When the student meets this scoring criterion, the next step is to evaluate the student’s performance in English Language Arts (ELA) using state or local assessments.  For grades 1-3, the students must have a score of Met or Above standard on the District ELA Benchmark assessment and for grades 4-8, students must have an overall achievement score of Met or Exceeded standard on CAASPP/SBAC. 
  3. If a student meets proficiency on the CELDT test and state/local criteria, then the child’s current teacher evaluates the student’s academic performance in the classroom.  If the student is achieving at levels comparable to grade-level English-speaking peers, then the school moves on to the last step of the process.
  4. For students who may be considered for reclassification, school staff collects documentation and determines student's eligibility. Then a conference is held in the spring with parents, who must also agree to the reclassification.
  5. Students that have been Reclassified Fluent English Proficient (RFEP) no longer participate in the English Learner Program or ELD classes. They will only participate in regular English classes. Their academic progress in English Language Arts will be monitored for two years. If the student fails to progress, other interventions may be implemented to meet their learning needs.