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February 2018

Elementary STEAM Nights
We are excited for our upcoming STEAM showcases at each of our elementary schools. Starting in March, each elementary school will host an evening filled with hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities for students and parents to explore. We welcome staff, families and community members to come join students, teachers and volunteers to experience STEAM at Union School District. Information about the STEAM nights will be sent home this month and posted on the district website.

#GreatKindnessChallenge at USD
In January, each of our schools and our district office participated in the 2018 Great Kindness Challenge: a week full of acts of kindness, showing love and gratitude for one another. Students, teachers, staff members, and the community exhibited kindness in so many different ways. A kindergarten class at Alta Vista created a book of kind messages saying goodbye to a classmate who was moving. At Guadalupe, 4th graders made dog tags for the Humane Society. Students and volunteers at Carlton and Lietz kicked off kindness week by greeting incoming students and parents with signs that read, Choose Kindness and We’re Glad You’re Here. At Noddin, upper grade students modeled kind acts with their buddies in the primary grades. Students at Union left positive and inspiring notes on their peers’ lockers, evoking smiles with everyone on campus. At Oster and Dartmouth, students organized to show appreciation to their local fire stations. Teachers and staff at every site went out of their way to do small favors and express gratitude for one another. It was impossible to be on campus during the challenge and not feel the heartwarming effects of the amazing acts of kindness.

Relay for Life
For the past two years, Dartmouth Middle School hosted the Relay for Life. This year’s event will be hosted nearby at Leigh High School and take place on April 27-28. Please join us at this year’s Relay for Life supporting cancer patients, survivors, and research to help end this deadly disease. 

To learn more about the event, go to: 

2017-18 Education for the Future Survey
Once again we will be conducting our 2017-18 Education for the Future Survey.  The survey is available online January 31st through February 14th.  If you do not have access to a computer, you may access a computer in the school’s office. If you have children who attend two different schools, please complete one survey for each school site.

The survey is completely confidential.  Answers are tabulated by an outside company and the survey results will be analyzed by district and site staff to identify areas of success and areas for growth.

Your input and ideas about our school district are important.  You can help us do the best possible job of educating our students by taking a few minutes to complete this survey.

To get started, please go to your school’s website and click on the link for the survey. 

Committed to Creating Safe Learning Environments at USD 
Union School District is committed to the safety of all of our students. We have organized several events including MyDigitalTAT2 and Common Sense Media presentations related to different topics invaluable to student safety both online and at school. The events held over the past few months provided parents with an overview of parenting strategies in today’s digital age. Parents and students were equipped with the tools needed to become responsible users of technology and social media. In addition to these events from MyDigitalTAT2 and Common Sense Media, assemblies at each school site are planned over the coming months that will empower students to have the confidence to speak up in situations that may make them feel uncomfortable or unsafe. More information about these assemblies will be sent home to families in the next few weeks.