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Board of Trustees » Virtual Board Meeting

Virtual Board Meeting

Stay tuned for the next virtual board on August 10th, 2020 at 5:00pm. 
For general public comments, please click here for the general public comments form. The form will open thirty minutes before the meeting and close at the start of the scheduled board meeting.
The Board welcomes comments from the public. If you would like to address the Board during Community Comments on any agenda item or any item not on the agenda, please fill out this form. Public comment on any agenda item or any item not on the agenda will be heard during the Community Comments/Communications section of the Board Agenda. Those that submit a public comment form prior to the start of the board meeting will have their comments read. Comments must be no longer than three minutes to read aloud (approximately 8-10 sentences per minute).
To ensure that all speakers are provided an equal opportunity to address the Board, individual speakers may not "yield" their allotted time to other speakers. In addition, the Board may, in accordance with the Brown Act, section 54954.3(b) of the Government Code, limit the total amount of time allocated for comments on a particular issue. The Board may choose to respond to agenda item comments or reserve their responses for discussion and action when the agenda item appears during the course of the meeting. Since this is a meeting of the Board to conduct business of the District held in public, the Board will not hear any further public testimony during deliberation of an agenda item.
It should be noted that the Board discourages complaints against individual officers or employees of the District during open session.