Belmont Project

September 3, 2020

The Belmont Village Senior Living Project (Exhibit #1) construction activity will be beginning this Friday, 9/4. Crews will be mobilizing equipment and construction fencing will be placed around the project perimeter (Exhibits #2 and #3). Outlined below are some key points for consideration during the course of the project (Exhibit #4).

District Office Access: The main driveways along Union Avenue and Los Gatos-Almaden Road will remain open and accessible to all staff during the course of this project. Should the need arise to temporarily limit the use of a driveway, we will provide as much advance notice as possible.

Parking: The construction crews will not be allowed to park in the DO spaces at any time. All construction parking will either be within the project perimeter or will be offsite at the Good Samaritan church lot on Union Avenue, with a shuttle for the workers to the project site.

Construction Traffic: Construction vehicles will enter the property through the existing Corp Yard gate on Union Avenue, close to Ross Creek. The exit path for large trucks will either be through the driveway by the District Office on Union Avenue, or at times, through the existing driveway along Los Gatos-Almaden Road (Exhibit #2).

Safety: Please do not enter the construction zone at any time without prior approval. Also, due to the possibility of increased traffic flow at the rear of the DO, please take care to check for vehicles at all times and use extra caution when entering or exiting the parking lot.

If you have any questions, please contact Mary Ann Meisenbach at or (408) 558-4215.

BelmontSanJose FINAL 8.24.20.pdf

August 24, 2020 | Community Meeting

Belmont Village hosted a virtual meeting sharing an overview of the project, schedule information, and what community members can expect at each stage of construction.

View the presentation shared here.

If you were not able to attend the meeting, please email or call with any questions to the following contact:

Belmont Village Development Manager

Adam Hamilton

Telephone: 713-463-1831

District Maintenance Yard

We are committed to being good neighbors

We would only pursue a project that we feel is beneficial to our community. The assisted living project will be next door to our district office, so it is also important to us that our tenant be a good neighbor to the district.

We put out a request for proposals and one company stood out, because of its 20-year history and commitment to work with our district and the community. We wanted to find a project partner that shared our values and wants to be a good neighbor.

Belmont Village Senior Assisted Living proposed to both develop and operate the senior living facility that is planned for the land. These factors led us to determine that Belmont's proposal was the best for our district and the neighborhood.

Providing senior care and helping our schools

The Belmont Village Senior Assisted Living project was selected from the request for proposal process that required committee oversight and community input (see Background section for more details). Belmont is a nationally-recognized developer, owner and operator of high-quality senior care facilities.

Belmont is ready to make an investment in our community, by providing needed senior housing and helping the district continue to provide outstanding educational opportunities for our students.

We also expect the project to improve the overall appearance of the site. The maintenance yard is industrial and the buildings on the site are older structures. The senior living facility that is being proposed will be carefully planned and include attractive landscaping and architecture. The overall appearance of the site will be improved.


To undertake a project like the Belmont Village Senior Living facility, a committee was formed in the fall of 2016 to make a recommendation to the school board after evaluating the district’s land use. The committee was made up of eleven people in the community who represent the ethnic, age group, and socioeconomic composition of the district, the business community, landowners or renters, teachers, administrators, parents of students, and persons with expertise in environmental impact, legal contracts, building codes, and land use planning. The committee is called a 7-11 committee because by law this type of school district committee must have between 7-11 members.

The 7-11 committee took the following steps, in compliance with District protocols:

  • Listened to input from USD attorney and real estate advisors

  • Toured the land to view inventory and assess current usage

  • Reviewed projected enrollment for the USD to determine future needs

  • Reached out to local residents through flyers and the holding of a public hearing

Following the committee’s recommendation, the Board issued a request for proposals for leasing what is known as the corporation yard property. Several proposals were received and Belmont’s plan was selected by the Board. From the creation of the 7-11 committee to the selection of the best proposal, there were eight publicly held meetings.