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Developer Fees 

School Impact Fees

Government Code Section 65995 and California Education Code Section 17620 allow school districts to levy fees on residential and/or commercial/industrial projects within a school district's boundaries.  The State Allocation Board (SAB) sets the per-square-foot Level 1 school impact fees ("Developer Fees") every two (even) years at its January meeting.  

Per an agreement with Campbell Union High School District, Union Elementary School District collects 70% of the developer fees and Campbell Union High School District collects 30%, at their respective district offices.

Fees apply to all new construction and additions; with the exception of residential projects less than 500 square feet.

Please contact Dennis Phan at or Ben Ma at to set up an appointment to pay developer fees. Fees may be paid by check or money order made payable to Union School District (USD).

For City of San Jose and County of Santa Clara permits, please be sure to bring your paperwork with you. Town of Los Gatos permits are emailed directly to the USD office upon issuance.  

Level I Developer Fee Study

Developer Fee Study.pdf

Developer Fee Resolution No. 19-20-10

Resolution No. 19-20-10 Increasing School Facilities Fees.pdf

Developer Fee Report 2022-23

USD Annual and Five Year Devleoper Fee Report 2022-23.pdf