COVID-19 Response & Information

Health & Safety Measures

Updated December 12, 2022

We continue to support safe in-person learning this school year following all health and safety protocols as directed by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and local public health department.

We will continue to communicate updates or revisions of any state and local guidance and/or recommendations for schools. As a community, we will continue to ensure the health and wellness of our students, staff and USD families together.

Our Commitment

  • To provide a healthy environment in which our students can learn and thrive.

  • To comply with all state and local health orders, mandates, and guidelines in order to ensure the health and safety of all individuals on campus.

Adults on Campus and Volunteers

  • As we continue to monitor our health and safety guidance through the California Department of Public Health, Union School District allows opportunities for adults on campus to support programs at school. We thank all of our parent/guardian volunteers who have donated hours of their time to support our schools.

      • All volunteers must follow school rules, health guidance and agree to the Volunteer Code of Conduct provided by the school site prior to volunteering on campus.

      • Just as all students and staff members, volunteers cannot come onto campus if sick, experiencing symptoms, or directed to isolate per state and county health guidance.

  • As usual, elementary school parents/guardians may walk their child to the classroom door, parents/guardians must stay outside of the classroom and may be on campus for the first 10 minutes prior to the start of the school day. Non-staff adults will need to leave campus as soon as the bell rings. Middle school parents, please continue to follow the guidelines set by your school in regards to dropping off items/food for your child. And as always, adults may not enter campus during the school day without checking in with the front office first.

  • After school, parents may come onto campus after the school bell rings at dismissal time to pick up their student from their specific classroom. Please remain outside your child’s classroom door unless you have an appointment.

Checking Symptoms & Staying Home When You're Sick

Prior to coming to school

  • In order to prevent transmission, it is critical for individuals to remain home if sick.

  • Staff members will submit a daily health screening.

  • Student guardians will be asked to monitor daily for symptoms including fever over 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion, nausea or vomiting and diarrhea.

  • If they have experienced symptoms, students/staff members may return to school when:

      • At least 24 hours have passed since resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications; AND other symptoms have improved; AND

      • They have a negative test for SARS-CoV-2, OR a healthcare provider has provided documentation that the symptoms are typical of their underlying chronic condition (e.g., allergies or asthma) OR a healthcare provider has confirmed an alternative named diagnosis (e.g., Streptococcal pharyngitis, Coxsackie virus), OR at least 10 days have passed since symptom onset.

Once at school

  • Should a student develop symptoms while on campus, they will be brought to a CARE area and a staff member will contact the family with next steps. If the student is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, they will be provided a face mask while they are being helped in the Health Office.

COVID-19 Positive Cases - Notification & Isolation Procedures

An administrator will communicate with families through a sitewide exposure notice in the event of a potential exposure to a COVID-19 positive case, in adherence with all privacy laws.

Student families and staff members shall stay home and notify their school site if the student/staff member has tested positive for COVID-19 and was on school grounds during their infectious period.

A COVID-19 positive case will stay home for at least 5 days after start of symptoms (or after date of first positive test if no symptoms.)

    • Isolation can end after day 5 if symptoms are not present or are resolving and an antigen test comes back negative. If continuing to test positive after day 5, student/staff member may continue to test daily and return once they test negative.

    • If unable to test or choosing not to test, and symptoms are not present or are resolving, isolation can end after day 10 if fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications.

    • If fever is present, isolation should be continued until 24 hours after fever resolves.

    • If symptoms, other than fever, are not resolving continue to isolate until symptoms are resolving or until after day 10.

    • It is recommended to wear a well-fitting mask around others for a total of 10 days, especially in indoor settings.

Cleaning Protocol

  • In the event of a confirmed case of illness, custodial staff will use high-grade sprayers with a sanitizing product that is EPA approved for use against COVID-19.

  • EPA cleaning solutions are approved for use in classrooms.

  • Staff and classrooms have access to paper towels and spray bottles of a cleaning solution to wipe down any shared surfaces.

COVID-19 Testing

  • Union School District has adopted the CDPH Testing Framework for K-12 Schools for the 2022-23 School Year

  • As CDPH recommends that schools utilize antigen tests compared to PCR tests, so USD will be moving from a weekly PCR screening model to providing antigen tests before school breaks and as needed for families. USD will allow any "over-the-counter" antigen test be used for symptomatic student/staff return to school following illness or COVID-19 diagnosis.

  • If you have any difficulty acquiring antigen tests, please reach out to your school health staff as USD will maintain a reserve of tests for use as needed.

  • USD strongly recommends but will not require that students and staff get tested for COVID-19 prior to returning to school following official school breaks. USD will provide take-home Antigen COVID-19 Test Kits to families ahead of the five main school breaks (Summer, Thanksgiving, Winter, February and Spring Break.)

  • Based on CDC guidance, individuals may continue to test positive for the 90 days when testing using a PCR COVID test, even if they have recovered from the illness. For this reason, students or staff members who previously tested positive are not required to test with a PCR test for 90 days from the initial positive COVID test.

  • Before visiting off-campus locations (e.g. field trips) students and staff will follow all protocols as defined by may be required to test for COVID-19 by the organization/company they are utilizing or visiting. Staff will communicate with families regarding testing requirements prior to any field trip that requires a negative COVID-19 test.

Face Masks

  • Wearing a face mask while on campus is recommended, but not required for staff and students.

  • No person will be prevented from wearing a mask as a condition of participation in an activity or entry into a school, unless wearing a mask would pose a safety hazard (e.g., tumbling sports).

  • Each school site has a supply of face masks in case one is requested.

  • Masking is an individual choice, and we will respect others regardless of their individual choice to wear a mask or not.

  • While visiting off-campus locations (e.g. during field trips or transportation to/from field trips) students and staff will follow all protocols as defined by the organization/company they are utilizing or visiting.

Field Trips

  • While visiting off-campus locations (e.g. during field trips or transportation to/from field trips) students and staff will be required to follow all protocols as defined by the organization/company they are utilizing or visiting.

Handwashing & Hygienic Practices

    • Routine, frequent and proper hand hygiene (soap and water or hand sanitizer) is one of the best ways to avoid spreading germs. Everyone should continue the habit of washing hands frequently at home and at school.

    • Schools will continue to teach and reinforce washing hands throughout the school day, as well as hygienic practices such as avoiding contact with one's eyes, nose, and mouth, and covering coughs and sneezes among students and staff.

    • Handwashing stations are situated in various locations on campus, and hand sanitizer is available in all classrooms.

Large Events on Campus

  • Particularly during surges of COVID-19, school dances, large assemblies, and other school-based crowded events, especially those held indoors, all have the potential to cause spread of COVID-19 within and beyond the school community.

  • All school-sponsored events will be considered based on the conditions with surges of COVID-19 as to location, logistics and health procedures.

Vaccinations for COVID

    • Union School District encourages all staff and age-eligible students to get vaccinated.

    • For more information, including how to schedule an appointment or find a drop-in vaccination site, visit

    • 98% of USD employees are vaccinated.


  • Properly installed and maintained Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are key to ensuring healthy indoor air quality in school learning environments.

  • The HVAC systems at all sites in the district have been evaluated by a licensed contractor to ensure proper air circulation.

  • Ventilation systems across the district are outfitted with MERV-13 filters which are replaced three times per year. A record of the filter change date is recorded in each classroom.

District Dashboard

USD will publish the count of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases on a weekly basis each Friday at 5 PM when school is in session. At the end of the calendar year, USD will reevaluate a published case count through the district dashboard.

  • If USD is notified of a new COVID positive case over a weekend or at a later date, the case count for the week in which the potential exposure occurred will be accurately amended on the dashboard. Counts will also be adjusted if USD is informed of a false positive test result.

  • To ensure privacy, names or identifying information of positive cases are not disclosed.

  • Case counts include individuals with a lab-confirmed positive test or self-reported at-home test.

Resources & Links

The following links contain additional information regarding state and county health guidance and district plans.

Santa Clara County Emergency Operations Center Community Resources

COVID-19 Vaccine

The first COVID-19 vaccines have been authorized for use in the United States. All individuals age 12 or older are now eligible for vaccination. For more information, including how to schedule an appointment or find a drop-in vaccination site, visit

Public Health Orders

On June 15th, California ended its Blueprint for a Safer Economy, and enacted a new Health Officer Order with limited restrictions (related to face coverings, mega-events, and settings serving children), see here for details:

As of June 21, 2021, most local Health Orders have been lifted or are being phased out, see here for details:

COVID-19 Testing

To find a free and easy COVID-19 testing location near you, visit

County Services

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General Information

For information about COVID-19 response efforts in Santa Clara County, guidance for businesses and workers, local data, testing resources, Public Health Orders, and other resources, visit: