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Air Quality Index (AQI) 

Union School District refers to, and follows, the guidelines in the School Air Quality Activity Recommendations, which were created by the California Department of Education in partnership with the California Air Resources Board, California Air Pollution Control Officers Association, California County Superintendents Educational Services Association, Association of California School Administrators, and California School Boards Association. 

When the air quality is unhealthy for sensitive groups (orange), unhealthy (red), or higher (purple and maroon), district staff consistently checks the websites below to inform our decisions as to when we will recommend our school limit outdoor activities per guidelines from the CA Environmental Protection Agency.

*AQI Activity Recommendations (Updated August 19, 2021)

As we navigate the impact resulting from poor air quality, including wildfire smoke that can be felt hundreds of miles from its origin, please see the following tips for activities outside of school. When AQI is in the orange tier or higher these tips are useful to protect against smoke: